A Paragraph With The Mariners – 91

Is the plan skewed? I guess that’s the question on everyone’s mind. Where our money is allocated. We’ve got $18 million invested this year in a leadoff hitter & right fielder who’ll be 37 by the time the post season rolls around and he’s once again not in it. Tack on another $9 million for our #2 hitter who’s a singles & walks & stolen bases guy (and next year’s 3rd baseman). That’s $27 million out of approximately $90 million in two guys who probably won’t reach a combined 10 home runs or a combined 80 RBI. And not only that, they play two positions on your baseball team where traditionally they’ve been Big Production Positions for teams. Right Field and 3rd Base. That’s where you’re supposed to get your power, your runs batted in. But, okay, let’s say we have Ichiro and Figgins next year locked into Right and 3rd; that just means we’ll need to get production from unlikelier positions. First Base would be ideal, except we’re going forward with a Youth Movement in Smoak. Left Field could be another opportunity, but again we have the Youth of Saunders (or the craptastic Milton Bradley doing his best Carl Everett impression). DH could also help us out in the hitting department, but that would require Russell Branyan’s back to stay healthy for more than 10 games, and for him to not retardedly drop a fucking marble table on his foot. I think we’d all like for Gutierrez to step up with some 20-homer potential, but that’s asking a lot for a right handed batter who plays half his games in Safeco Field. Truth be told, if we kept getting what we’ve been getting from Guti – along with him being the best defensive centerfielder in the game – I think we’d all be pretty happy. Bottom line is, I know we can’t get rid of Ichiro and Figgins – I know we WON’T get rid of them as well – but we’ve got to figure out some sort of solution to our problem. We’re 30th out of 30 teams across the board in Batting Average, Home Runs, RBI, and Hits. HITS! We have Ichiro on our team and we’re last in hits!

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