A Paragraph With The Mariners – 93

And in the dramatic, anti-climactic conclusion to the Ryan Rowland-Smith saga, my boy’s been put on the DL with a back. Apparently, it’s the only way, as I forgot you need these things called “Options” to be sent back down to AAA. Otherwise, you have to clear waivers, and for as bad as he’s been this year, he certainly wouldn’t clear waivers. He’s still a young arm who’s produced in the near-past. Either way, back or no back, I think the break will do him nothing but good. There comes a point in any bad season where it goes beyond the Mental, where no amount of pressing or not-pressing, bearing down or backing off, working on mechanics or just letting it fly will right your ship. At this point, it’s total shell shock, and anyone who’s ever played those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle video games for the NES knows: shell shock leads to utter disaster. Of course, all day yesterday on the various blogs and such, story after story, opinion after opinion, all of them about what a good guy Ryan Rowland-Smith is. Indeed, without knowing him personally, he seems like the guy I’d most want to know personally, in a non-baseball-related capacity. Regardless, I think he knows we’re all rooting for him – anyone who follows the team closely can’t help but. I don’t think it’s a matter of him Needing A Change Of Scenery either. First of all, if you can’t succeed in the pitcher-friendly confines of Safeco Field, you’re probably not going to succeed in most other confines (especially those God-damned confines of whatever they call the field where the White Sox play; Jesus Christ my tumor-riddled dog could hit a home run in that park!). Secondly, with so much of the fan base behind him, it’s not a matter of blocking out all the nay-sayers; we give Ryan Rowland-Smith WAY more slack than we give the likes of Jose Lopez and Rob Johnson. He’s just run into a rough spot; all these hits and home runs he’s given up are totally ruining his night right now. Maybe a little breather’s just the thing. Get out of this downward spiral where every game is the Most Important Game Of Your Career. I still think some “rehab” starts in Tacoma will do him a world of good. There’s nothing that takes the sour taste of getting shelled out of your mouth quite like succeeding against inferior talent.

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