A Paragraph With The Mariners – 94

With three more games in the month remaining … I’m seeing a LOT of X’s on my little team calendar. 19 X’s to be exact. X’s are bad. They denote Losses. There are 6 non-X’d games for July. Doesn’t really get much more brutal than that. Apparently, we’re something like 1-8 against the White Sox this year with Game 10 tonight. To put that little nugget in perspective, short stop Alexei Ramirez has 11 home runs this season, and 3 of them are against us in 9 games. Likewise, he has 41 RBI on the year, 8 of which are against us. In 9 games. But a small sample of the domination the White Sox have exhibited over us this year. For your information, if anyone’s interested, The Chief: Freddy Garcia is going against us tonight. He’s lost quite a bit on his fastball over the years, but what he’s lost in heat he’s made up for in junk. Junk, as you well know, overpowers these Seattle Mariners like something never seen before (and, yeah, overpowering heat as well as snapping movement also does the trick too; God damn this offense is bad).

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