A Paragraph With The Mariners – 100

Want a Cliff Lee update? Of course you do! What with the Rangers coming to town for a 3-game series in which we won’t actually get to see Cliff Lee on the mound, I figure I’d pass along what I’ve just now researched. Since July 9th, when they traded for our erstwhile All Star, the Texas Rangers are 11-9. Lee has started 5 games in that span, and they’re only 2-3 in those starts (though, oddly enough, that’s primarily because the Rangers haven’t provided the run support). Even though Lee’s record is only 1-2 with 2 no-decisions, you want to know what his shortest outing was? Try yesterday’s 8-inning complete game loss at Anaheim where he gave up only 4 runs. He’s gone 9 innings three times, but two of those went extras. In short, in spite of his mastery, the Rangers have been pretty inconsistent, but that doesn’t matter because the West remains theirs to lose. Want to know something else amazing? He’s walked 3 guys in his 5 starts, 2 of those were intentional walks. To go along with 29 strike outs. On the SEASON he has 118 strike outs and only 9 walks. NINE. In 147 innings, Cliff Lee has walked 9 guys. Unbelievable. And if he signs with anyone besides the Yankees next year, he might just go down as my favorite player of all time.

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