A Paragraph With The Mariners – 99

Of course, I say that 2010 hasn’t been all bad, then I have to sit here and talk about tying the team record for worst month in history. 6-22. Remember all that optimism good cheer generated by that winning month of June? Wow, is that ever gone. It’s hard to blame it all on the trading of Cliff Lee, but that certainly took a good chunk of air out of the balloon. It was fun for a while having Lee and Felix go back-to-back. Of course, July was also our most difficult month with regard to the schedule. I went through that (I believe) last week, but aside from the 3-game series with the Royals (who swept us), all of the teams we played in July were in the hunt for October. Luckily, August lets up a little bit. I’m seeing more Royals, and also the Indians and Orioles. But, then we’ve got the Rangers, the improving A’s, the Yankees and Red Sox again, as well as the Twins and Angels again. I gotta figure, though, if nothing else having a day off every week will be good for the team. Today being one such event. Good for the team and good for the fans. I think we can all use a day per week where we don’t have to witness an offensive apocalypse.

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