A Paragraph With The Mariners – 101

One shakeup of note right at the beginning of August: Adam Moore back up for Rob Johnson. Fi-na-lly! Part of me wonders why this couldn’t have been done so Rob still stays on the team, just in an exclusively backup capacity, but I guess he’s going to go down to Tacoma and “work on some things.” I don’t really know what those things may be. I don’t see this as a big Confidence issue with Rob; after all, to a man all the pitchers love it when he catches their ballgames. So what’s he going to get out of clobbering on AAA pitchers? It’s not like there’s some awesome hitter tucked within this Rob Johnson frame we’ve known and loved the past two years. At least with Adam Moore, it made sense to put him in Tacoma; you can actually SEE him being a productive major league hitter sometime in the future, if you squint really hard. Adam Moore has yet to really experience major league success, either at the plate or behind it. Rob Johnson, for all his passed balls and inferior batwork, has at least been named a Starting Catcher. And, I guess he led the league in catcher-ERA last year, whatever that means. Rob Johnson Is (And Always Will Be) A Backup Major League Catcher. He’s the John Marzano of our generation, though he’s yet to earn our eternal admiration by picking a fight with Paul O’Neill.

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