A Paragraph With The Mariners – 102

Spoiler Alert!  Oh HO, you see what I did there, with the play on words, because the Mariners beat the Rangers, i.e. they’re playing “Spoiler” … all right, I’ll shut my damn mouth now.  Last night, I turned off the TV after the bottom of the 6th, listened to the radio through 2 outs in the 7th, and went to bed assured that our 3-2 lead SURELY would not last.  Jason Vargas went 6 gutty innings and was actually given a lead for once … but there’s just no WAY that bullpen of ours could hold it down for 9 whole outs.  No way!  Oh … that’d be a big YES way, partner!  Jamey Wright – doing his best impression of a guy who’d like to have a job with this ballclub next year – locked down the 7th only giving up a double.  Brandon League did his damnedest to blow it by walking two guys, but ended up getting a double-play to get out of the jam.  And David Aardsma, I’m convinced, gave up three warning track pop flys in notching his 19th save.  Hey, who knew the Mariners actually had 19 wins?  But there you go.  By the way, Ichiro, Figgins, and Kotchman went 7 for 12.  And Moore and Saunders went 0 for 8 with 4 strike outs.  The future looks bright!

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