A Paragraph With The Mariners – 103

I wouldn’t call it a “Vote of Confidence” so much as a “Statement of Fact”.  A VoC denotes someone you have faith in as well as someone you’re determined to employ on a regular basis going forward.  Jackie Z said, “Don’s our manager.”  Well … yes he is.  But for how long?  Presumably through the end of the season, because really, what’s the point of making a manager switch now?  To send a message?  We’re 40-67, there’s 2 months to go, I think the team has GOT the message (which is:  half of you probably won’t be around next April).  I’ve said it before – I don’t think the manager has all that much to do with a team winning and losing; the onus is much more on the players themselves – but that being said, I don’t think Wak is doing that bad of a job.  His obligation is to do what’s best for the team right now and going forward; that would be giving the young players a chance to show if they’ve got what it takes to stick, easing back on some of our horses who may be overworked (Felix, Vargas, League, Gutierrez), and seeing if some of these veterans who can’t be traded can somehow find their way out of the funks they’ve been in all year.  The crap Wak has had to endure is unfair, but not at all unprecedented.  Mostly, I’m just sick and tired of switching managers every 2 years as if that’s going to be the solution to all their problems.  By the way, how has Joe Torre fared since leaving the Yankees?  How’s Sweet Lou been doing since he left Seattle?

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