A Paragraph With The Mariners – 104

Well, so long to Mike Sweeney; he was one of the good ones.  In a move yesterday shocking to no one, he was dealt to the Phillies for … stuff.  I dunno, cash or a player, likely never to be heard from or about ever.  This was a move to do something nice for a pro’s pro at the tail-end of his career.  I’m sure we’ll all remember Sweeney for all the hugging he brought into the clubhouse.  Can’t forget the hugging.  I know I’ll remember Sweeney – for a little while at least – as the guy who should’ve been playing DH all along for this year’s Mariners team.  But, he couldn’t crack the lineup until the first month was dead and gone, and by then it was too late.  It’s too bad back spasms and whatnot only served as excuses to put him on the DL and bring back Branyan; but at least he’s going somewhere better.  He’s like a neglected old smell-hound being adopted by a farmer … you’ll have all the fields to run around in that you can handle, boy!  DON’T LOOK BACK!  *sniff* JUST KEEP ON RUNNIN’ SWEEN-DOG!

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