A Paragraph With The Mariners – 106

The Texas Rangers were just bought at auction by Nolan Ryan & Co.  The losing bidder was one Mark Cuban.  Either way, you had to like your chances if you were a Rangers fan; both groups seem to be passionate about winning (Ryan because he’s a former Ranger; Cuban because he’s a fan’s fan).  Kinda makes me wish the Mariners (or, really, ANY professional Seattle team) had that kind of enthusiasm when it came to ownership.  Not just deep pockets, but actual FANS of the team willing to USE those deep pockets to buy us a championship.  At the very least, with Nintendo being who they are, you’d think they’d want to pump enough money into the team to provide Ichiro with a championship.  As much as all of Seattle has embraced Ichiro, he IS their boy and he IS getting preferential dollars because he’s the best Japanese baseball player probably ever (but definitely today).  You’d think instead of reigning in the spending, as appears to be the case, they’d want to surround Ichiro with enough talent to make him happy and win him a ring before he’s too old to be effective.  But, whatever.  Seattle just doesn’t have billionaires who are also huge sports nuts.  That’s something I’m going to have to accept eventually.

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