I’m Sorry … You Suck So Bad At Officiating

This does nothing for me.  You know what does?  Getting the call right the first time, when you actually have a chance to maintain the integrity of the game.

Yeah yeah, refs are people too.  They feel bad when they have a bad game.  Just like that umpire who blew the perfect game in Detroit this year; they apologize, let us know how much it eats away at them, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them.

Doesn’t do a damn thing to the Seahawks.  Bullshit penalties called left and right, leading to the piss-poorest winning quarterback performance in the history of the Super Bowl in Ben Roethlisberger.

Let’s just say I’m unconvinced.  Oh, I’m sure he feels like crap, but not because he had a “bad game.”  You’ll never convince me that those refs weren’t bought.  Just like those refs in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in ’93 against Phoenix.  Or those refs in that Seahawks game against Baltimore when they got to use 4 time outs in the second half.  Or that game against the Jets where Testaverde was a yard and a half short of the end zone.

Tell me it’s all a coincidence that all these poor examples of officiating happen to my teams.  I’ll show you where I keep my helmets made out of tin foil because the government can read our thoughts from space.  It’s ALL a huge conspiracy to deprive Seattle from a winner and specifically to deprive ME of having any sports joy!  I know their game!

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