Sign O-KUNG! Already!

UPDATE:  Demand and I shall receive.  Behold the power of Seattle Sports Hell!  29 mil guaranteed; not too shabby …

Look man, those defensive linemen and linebackers aren’t going to pancake themselves!

I’m more than a little irritated that the Seahawks have one of the two last remaining unsigned draft picks.  I’m even MORE irritated that it’s looking like C.J. Spiller’s deal will get completed today, whereas Okung’s deal is nowhere in sight.

It’s just, so fucking, AGGRAVATING!  We don’t have TIME for this shit!  Let’s face it, in the slim slim SLIM chance the Seahawks are going to do ANYTHING this season regarding contention for a division title and/or a playoff birth, we are going to need absolutely everything to go right.  I’m talking injuries, I’m talking old players not falling off the table, I’m talking everyone playing up to career norms and some to play above their heads … and I’m talking rookie players signed and in fucking training camp!

He’s already at a disadvantage because he’s a fucking rookie.  Now we’re going to tack on a bunch of missed training camp days – days that would do nothing but be to his benefit.

By the way, what’s the deal with there being a contentious holdout with every new regime?  Granted, Aaron Curry wasn’t out much more than a week last year – and he seemed genuinely miserable to be gone even that long; but when Holmgren first came here it was the same deal, only with Established Player: Joey Galloway.  Is this all about testing the limits of the new leaders of the team?  See if they’ll cave into your demands (which means, of course, that they’d cave into EVERYONE’S demands going forward until they’re replaced by more iron-fisted individuals) …

I think Okung knows the score.  He knows this team sucked total balls last year at the Left Tackle position and that we want no part of any of these clowns already on the team manning Hasselbeck’s blind side.

He also knows that there was one Left Tackle picked ahead of him in this year’s draft, and it’s a 50-50 proposition that national sports pundits think Okung is actually the better of the two.

AND, Okung knows that, while teams traditionally hold to a sliding salary scale with rookies – with the 1st pick making the most, going downward from there – there was a Safety and a Cornerback picked at the spots around himself.  Let’s face it, Left Tackle is MUCH more important than either Safety or Cornerback.

Ergo, Okung feels he deserves at least Trent Williams money (who was picked only 2 spots ahead of him).  I’m beginning to think the Redskins drafted Williams because they knew he’d be the easier sign.

Here’s the dilemma I’m having.  No, I don’t want the front office to be a bunch of cave men, caving into all the demands of all the asshole players on this team (not to mention future asshole players who think they can come to Seattle and take advantage of a bunch of rubes).  But, I also don’t want my team to suck!  And we WILL suck if we don’t have Okung!  Ultimately, I have to side with the organization on this one, but let’s just say they’re not without fault.

This is what happens.  This is what happens when you try to be tight-fisted, when you wait the market out, when you lay a hard line.  If the Seahawks would’ve just swooped in early, set the market themselves, and fucked over everyone else, then Okung would be happy, the organization wouldn’t look like a bunch of disorganized fucksticks who can’t get their players in camp (instead, we’d look like a bunch of free-wheeling maniacs throwing money around, which would only be all the more appealing to potential free agents down the line), and I’D be happy because I could sit here and laugh at Buffalo for screwing the C.J. Spiller pooch.

Will it ever end?  Will my suffering go eternally unrewarded?

Right now, we’re at the stage where Coach + General Manager are taking their cases to the media.  “We’re the victims here!  He should be in camp!  We’ve got a fair deal on the table!  He’s only hurting himself and his development!”  Of course, it’s all bullshit, and appealing to the fans through the media will only go so far.  If this thing drags out, the team is going to lose all leverage it thinks it has now.  Ultimately, the fans want the best players in uniform, they don’t give a shit how it’s done.  All these football players are overpaid whiny bitches; just get the job done and get him in camp.

I’ll only be satisfied at this point if Okung really IS the second coming of Walter Jones:  a guy who can stay at home, train on his own, miss all of camp, and still come in and dominate.  Something tells me I’m going to be anything but satisfied with this situation.

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