A Paragraph With The Mariners – 107

Friday’s game was pretty impressive.  Not only did we win (which in and of itself is a pretty rare and amazing feat nowadays), but we won by a whopping 6 runs!  AND we did it off of our mortal enemy, Zack Greinke, who I’m pretty sure until this weekend hadn’t given up a run to us in the last two seasons.  Well!  On Friday we bent him over and smacked that ass to the tune of 6 earned runs in 7 innings, including a home run by one Ryan Langerhans, who just might be the best 4th outfielder who absolutely never gets any playing time.  It’s almost criminal at this point how not often Jagerbombs gets to play.  OK, so maybe he’s batting in the low .200’s; but he’s getting on base in the high .300’s and shit, he’s only had 65 at bats or so!  Anyway, getting back.  This game wasn’t only unbelievable because of the win, the score, the opposing pitcher, or the best hitter of the game.  It also had a lot to do with Luke French, his 8 innings pitched, and his 1 run allowed.  Granted, this isn’t the same Royals team that batted their way to one of the top offenses in the AL; they’ve suffered a lot of injuries in the last month.  But still, Luke French did his job, kept the ball down, and did what he’s been doing in Tacoma all year.  You don’t know how he does it, because he doesn’t have overpowering stuff or that Cliff Lee command.  He just does it.  More often than not, in the bigs, he’s looked like John Halama rather than Jamie Moyer.  But, if he can just figure out a way to stay consistent, work on that change up a little more, and somehow keep an ERA in the 3’s, French could be a solid Number 5 starter.  If he can do that, if Fister can be our 4, and if Vargas can continue to be our 3, with Felix as the Ace and Pineda as a potential future number 2 …

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