A Paragraph With The Mariners – 109

And here you go.  First Alan Cockrell and now the world.  Why today and not, say, the day Griffey soured the clubhouse on Wak?  Why not the day when Wak decided to make an example out of Figgins by making him bat 9th?  Why not immediately after the clubhouse brouhaha with Figgins?  Shit, why not in the second week in May when we were getting our lunch handed to us, or in that fateful series in Texas in early June?  I’ve already made my opinion felt on the matter, I don’t agree with the decision.  It’s funny though, everyone in the media was convinced it would happen 1 week ago today, when we had an off-day.  Instead, we’ve got a game to play tonight.  With the Rainiers manager joining the fracas.  Particularly interesting is why Rick Adair had to go; he’s pretty much overseen one of the greatest runs of pitching over the last two years that I can remember.  He made Jarrod Washburn into a useful trade prospect last year.  He’s bolstered Felix’s stock as one of the best pitchers in the game.  He’s molded Jason Vargas into a really solid starter out of pretty much nothing a year ago.  What more does a guy have to do; the pitching hasn’t been the problem (unless you count the bullpen, but look at all the injuries we’ve had to endure!).

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