A Paragraph With The Mariners – 110

It’s always a big day when a head coach or manager gets fired.  I’m not gonna lie to you, I wasn’t ready for it to be today.  Without question, the best manager the Mariners have ever employed was and is Lou Piniella.  That’s obvious.  He oversaw the rejuvination of baseball in Seattle as well as its most successful tenure.  Not only that, but he was the longest-running manager in team history by a WIDE margin.  10 years.  Not counting Tacoma’s Daren Brown, today announced as interim manager, there have been 16 managers in Mariners history (which, again, dates back to only 1977).  That’s practically a new manager every 2 years!  Now, discount Sweet Lou’s 10 year reign, and we’ve got 15 managers in 24 years … wow.  Now THAT’S dysfunction.  10 times we’ve seen a manager either quit or be fired in the middle of a season (we also hold what HAS to be the rarest of feats: one of our managers only managed 1 game in the official capacity of manager back in 1986).  Now, I don’t want to tell you how to run your damned railroad … but that ain’t right!  Since Lou, we’ve had Bob Melvin (canned after 2 seasons), Mike Hargrove (quit after 2.5 seasons), John McLaren (canned after almost 2 half-seasons), Jim Riggleman (not retained after his half-season), and Don Wakamatsu (canned after a season and 2/3), and now Daren Brown for presumably just the other third of a season.  We Can’t, Keep Doing, THIS!  I don’t care how much a manager “actually” affects the outcome of any given game; you’ve GOT to have some sort of stability in your organization or else you’re going to be spinning your God damned tires until the end of time.  I don’t care what it takes, but make this next guy count.  If it’s a veteran, make sure he’s got a track record that commands respect (and make DAMN sure he still has a passion for managing and isn’t Grover 2.0).  If it’s an ex-player, make sure he was a GOOD player, and not some schlub who rode the bench and batted less than his weight (and please, not Joey Cora; I don’t think I can handle the delirium of the elderly women of Seattle … again I said “a GOOD player”).  If you’re not going to give an up-and-coming young managerial prospect a shot for longer than 2 seasons, and you’re not going to give a career bench coach a shot for longer than ah season, and you’re not going to retain quality baseball men like Jim Riggleman, then the next guy better blow my fucking socks clear off!  Joe Torre or Bust!

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