A Paragraph With The Mariners – 112

Fire Daren Brown!  He’ll never be as good as he is right now!  I’m starting the call to arms to fire Daren Brown.  Not because I don’t like him, or because I think he’s doing a bad job.  It’s for his own good, really.  If he sticks around any longer, the stink of the Mariners will get all over him and it’ll be sheer misery from here on in until he really is let go, a battered and broken man.  On the plus side, everyone who leaves does great in their next lives, so in a way this really is for his own good.  The sooner Daren Brown is canned, the sooner he can get on with his life in a more positive and winning environment.  Also – not to completely get side-tracked here – but there’s nothing more awesome to witness than Felix in the 8th inning of a game where he’s dominating the other team.  Because while he’s shutting them out, the game is invariably close as our offense is terrible.  In last night’s case, it was a 1-0 affair (and, really, we were lucky to get that 1).  Every at-bat is crucial.  Every pitch is clutch.  He’s almost always over 100 pitches at that point and last night was no exception.  In these 8th innings, those fastballs are reaching uncharted speeds, those curveballs are biting into the zone like sharks, and those change-ups are burrowing into the dirt at the last possible moment.  Every out is worthy of a fist pump, every strike out is cause to yell and scream like a madman.  And that jaunt off the mound after the 8th inning is over is never more satisfying or electrifying.  Felix is at his best at these moments; it’s why his starts are appointment television.

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