Player Profile: Max Unger

Why do a profile about our starting Right Guard, Max Unger?

Bad Mother Fucker

I’ll tell you why!  Because nobody else is!

Actually, it’s because of articles and blog posts like these.  This is the second or third time already this Training Camp (which says nothing about the OTAs before) where I’ve read something about a skirmish involving linemen, specifically calling out Unger by name.  In fact, you could say that Unger and Brandon Mebane (also pictured above) … are not friends.  At all.  Could also be because Mebane was a Cal Bear while Unger was an Oregon Duck, but I have a different theory.

Max Unger appears to be the first lineman I’ve seen since probably Steve Hutchinson who is a badass.  Who gets under the skin of the people he’s blocking until they start to retaliate in ways that – in games – will generate flags for Personal Fouls.  He’s that irritating kind of Rodman-esque player you love to have when he’s ON your team, but who you hate with a bloody passion when he’s going against your team.

I say it’s about time!  I say I wish we had 5 Max Ungers on our O-line, and 4 more for the defense!  I say I can’t wait for the season to start so I can see the shit fly!

Everyone’s talking about Okung and Ben Hamilton on the left side, and with good reason.  Okung is our most promising rookie lineman since Big Walt; and Ben Hamilton is the savvy veteran of this zone blocking scheme who’s going to help Okung prosper into an All Pro. 

No one’s talking about the right side though.  Max Unger just might be our diamond in the rough; an underappreciated star who’ll make all the difference in bolstering our entire offense.  And if he keeps pestering opposing defenses into picking fights with him, he just might become my favorite player on this team.

Just so long as he doesn’t go all Richie Incognito on us.

You need nasty types on your football team if you want it to be successful.  So far, we’ve got Unger, and maybe Aaron Curry on defense.  That’s by no means enough, but for now, we’ll just have to be happy with what we’ve got and hope they turn into Pro Bowlers for many years to come.

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