A Paragraph With The Mariners – 113

When people talk about the Dog Days of Summer, this is what they meant.  August 13th, the Home Team is 27 games under .500, in last place in the division, one of the worst teams in the AL, the manager and his staff have all been fired, good players slump, slumping players slump even more, and we’re all confronted with a 2-week, 12-game road trip.  Featuring guys like David Pauley and Luke French who get regular starts even though neither necessarily projects to hold similar positions the following season.  At this point, let’s face it, the casual fans have checked out long ago.  It becomes tougher for the hardcore fans around this time, though, because August 13th is when the football preseasons are in full swing; not exactly a tough choice.  Watch/continue to follow a dreadful baseball team, or switch it up to the hope and potential of the Huskies and Seahawks?  For even the best Mariners fan out there, the season won’t get remotely interesting again until September when we get to add the good players from AAA.  Usually the influx of youth, combined with the possibility of playing spoiler, makes September a little more worthwhile.  In the meantime, we’ve got the Dog Days.  Against the Dogs of the AL.  Root root root for the Mar-i-ners, if they don’t win it’s a shame …

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