A Paragraph With The Mariners – 114

Everybody Hates Figgins.  At a point in the season where NOTHING is happening (after, you know, the small matter of firing the manager), in an effort to generate discussion, everyone’s talking about the Braves and their pursuit of a third baseman to replace Chipper Jones and his busted ACL.  Fortunately for bloggers the world over, the month of August allows teams to trade players who pass through waivers.  Chone Figgins would pass through waivers in a flash!  Because he’s not worth $9 million a year.  Because he does what Ichiro does (hit singles) worse (but that’s okay because he walks like nobody’s business).  And really, we’re paying $27 million to the two and that’s insane.  That’s reTARDED.  It’s already kind of a mockery to pay $18 million to a guy who plays a power position (but doesn’t hit for power numbers) and leads off (while leading the league in infield singles every year).  But, we’re hostage to Ichiro’s appeal and if we dealt him the Mariners would cease to be, so don’t even go there.  Besides, at least Ichiro is a superstar who’s crushing major league hits records left and right.  At least you can point to one guy on the team and say, “He’s NOT a disappointment.”  So, Figgins has to go.  Which would be the final nail in Jackie Z’s ill-fated attempt at Believing Big in 2010.  At this point, Figgins is a salary dump that needs to be made and everyone knows it.  Is Atlanta desperate enough?  I hope so; time’s a wastin’ (and so is our money).

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