Player Profile: Justin Forsett

Will there be a better running back for the Seahawks than Justin Forsett?

Give Him The Rock!

I venture not.

From a fan perspective, there’s nothing to hate about Justin Forsett.  He’s the guy you HAVE to root for, if you’re going to root for any-damn-body.  People like to say he’s “diminutive” which just means small, but gives this connotation of also kinda being a hard-body.  Someone who won’t take no guff, won’t quit, won’t let his size get in the way of getting what he wants.  In the sense of a 5 foot 8 running back, what he wants is touches.  Open space.  A chance to make a guy miss, spin out of a tackle, break out into the open, and cross that goalline for a touchdown.

Now, from a … I dunno, a non-fan perspective.  From a professional perspective, I guess, a guy like Justin Forsett is cause for concern.  Because he is so small at 5 foot 8 and less than 200 pounds.  Apparently those guys are easy to break.  No one can talk about the Seahawks running back situation without mentioning how Forsett deserves a chance to start … except how much can you really count on him because he’s made of porcelain?

I hate that kind of thinking.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s the second coming of the greatest running back I’ve ever seen play live, but Forsett can’t be any smaller than Barry Sanders, and that guy carried the load for ten seasons without missing many games (and their offense regularly featured 4-wide receivers!); in fact Sanders averaged over 300 rushing attempts per year!  While Forsett might not be a Hall of Famer, who’s to say he couldn’t bear that burden?

Maybe I’m just grasping at straws here.  After all, it’s been a few years since Shaun Alexander; I’ve gone from having the utmost respect for the Seahawks running back position, to absolute disgust (has to do with the amount of Julius Jones in my life probably).  Still, in a 2009 season so awful, where the O-Line stunk so hard, Forsett averaged 5.4 yards per carry over 114 attempts.  I’d say that’s pretty eye-opening.

The question is:  could he maintain a similar yards-per-carry average for double those attempts?  Or, is the high YPC a result of the fact that we employed a platoon at the position?

Well, it’s probably not going to matter, because these 2010 Seahawks will employ a very similar platoon with Jones and Forsett.  The wildcard, of course, will be Leon Washington, coming off of a broken leg; I envision him being on the field for every 2-minute drill and whenever we’re down in the 4th quarter.

However, emergency situations aside, I get the feeling that Pete Carroll will go with the Hot Hand.  And I get the feeling that the aforementioned Justin Forsett will – more often than not – BE that Hot Hand.  I get the feeling he will take that step forward this year, break 1,000 yards rushing, and endear himself to an entire fanbase by being the diminutive little football terror who went from being a 7th Round Draft Pick into an NFL star.

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