Player Profile: Marcus Trufant

Who needs to have a bigger bounce-back year than Marcus Trufant?

Used To Be A Running Back In High School

One might argue Hasselbeck, but let’s face it, last season was pretty rough on my boy Trufant.

He missed the first six games last year thanks to the PUP list for an injured back, then proceeded to try and play catch-up for a team already 2-4.  His first game back was at Dallas and he was murdered by pass interference and holding penalties all game.  For the season, Trufant only had 2 picks and 6 passes defended in 10 games.  That might cut it for your nickel-back, but for the guy who’s supposed to be your starting, Pro Bowl corner against the other team’s best receiver … that’s got to improve.

Obviously Trufant is the best corner we have.  I’m still hearing that Josh Wilson will be the #3, which leads me to believe – since we didn’t re-sign Ken Lucas – that either Kelly Jennings or rookie Walter Thurmond will be starting opposite Trufant.  In other words, as Seahawks fans, we’ll have enough to worry about with other teams’ number 2 wide receivers; I don’t want to have to worry about whether or not Marcus can shake 2009 off and come back stronger than ever.

Which, I think he will.  I mean, you miss pre-season, you miss 6 games, then you’re thrown right into the fire of a desperate situation with a losing team … and who’s to say you’re even 100% when you got back?  Last year was pretty understandable.  And by all accounts, he’s healthy now.

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