The Seahawks Are Undefeated Under Pete Carroll

Here’s a quick trivia question:  what was the Seahawks’ preseason record under Jim Mora Jr. in his one and only season?

That’d be a big 4-0, good buddy!

Now, let us never speak of this unpleasantness again.  I think the irrelevance of the pre-season can be attributed by the “crowd” that congregated at Qwest Field last night for a Quarter With The Stars (and but a single drive with Chris Johnson, who scored).  Last night’s attendance was only out-numbered by the amount of season ticket holders who bitch and moan about the fact that they’re forced to purchase – AND pay full regular season price – the two stupid preseason games.

Really, there’s two schools of thought with how to accept the results of a preseason game:  focus only on the portion where the starters played or wipe your ass with the whole fucking game because it’s not like even the starters are out there giving it their all.

There’s something to be said for that ass-wiping one.  Especially after last night’s performance by said starters.

My Guess: Tackled At The Line Of Scrimmage As Usual

I’m just going to get this out of the way, because if I don’t get it off my chest, I might just kill something.  Julius Jones HAS TO GO.  By my account last night, he looked like the 4th best running back on our team, but I’d have to amend that statement to him being the 5th best, because Louis Rankin is CERTAINLY better than Jones.  This, of course, is taking into account Leon Washington’s absence from last night’s game; I’d take him with one functioning leg over Jones in a heartbeat.

Justin Forsett has earned his spot as the starter.  Done.  In my mind, it’s not even a question.  The kid can make something out of nothing, whereas Jones just plows ahead into the first closing gap he can find, hoping to maybe fall forward for half a yard.  Forsett just looks like he’s trying harder out there.  It looks like he actually gives a damn about taking the ball places.  I’m sick of watching Jones and I want him out of my life (in truth, I wish he’d never entered my life, but that’s neither here nor there).  Julius Jones is a waste of space and should be given the opportunity to scratch his nuts some place else.

Moving on.

The Titans just plowed through our defense on the first drive of the ball game.  We looked lost and overly aggressive.  They blended run and pass beautifully, and when Vince Young did pass, they were short and quick (not that our line was going to generate pressure anyway, but that’s an especially demoralizing way to go).

One thing that did catch my eye, even after Johnson went off-tackle for a 1-yard touchdown, was how tough it’s going to be to run on us in between those tackles.  We are about as stout a line as I’ve ever seen with Vickerson, Mebane, and Bryant.  I can’t tell if Vickerson will actually be opening some eyes this year, or if his spirited play last night was solely because he was facing his former team, but I like his potential.

As for OUR first-team offense, it was pretty abysmal.  Again, do you take that with a grain of salt or an entire salt cavern?  Still, Hasselbeck looked particularly not-sharp in finishing 4 for 10 passing.  I did notice that he targeted Branch 4 times, by far the most of any receiver.  I also noticed Jones drop a ball he should’ve caught.

Play of the Game goes to Charlie Whitehurst – who played two quarters of efficient and sometimes spectacular football – and Mike Williams.  It was 3rd and 1, it looked like the Titans were going to blitz, it looked like C.W. audibled something at the line, it looked like a curl or out-route to Williams, who juked or did something and was gone for the long touchdown.  Very impressive all around.  Here’s to hoping Williams becomes a big and imposing presence for our receiving game.

The young guy everyone’s talking about (because there can’t be a preseason game without praising someone nobody’s ever heard of) is Kam Chancellor, safety out of Virginia Tech.  Yeah, he made the game-clinching interception when it was thrown right to him like he was in the huddle with the other team.  But, he was also crushing guys with hard hits – including that hard-luck USC running back who’d previously had a bar-bell land on his throat, busting up his ankle pretty good last night.  Besides that, no one else really had a Nick Reed kind of impact.

Big props to C.W. for his big game.  He won’t be our starter in Game 1, but Game 6?

Craig Terrill, you are officially On The Bubble.  You looked undersized and ineffective out there, even if you are Johnny Hustle.  There’s a car dealership in Federal Way with your name all over it, my friend.

Okung looked solid.  He was briefly injured around the ankle, but only missed a few plays.  Other than that, he’s a mauler.

Also, Ben Hamilton is a white guy?  Who knew?

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