A Paragraph With The Mariners – 117

I REALLY don’t understand why we don’t have a shorter leash with some of these bullpen guys.  Sometimes, you can just tell.  They don’t have it.  Like, when David Aardsma tries to throw a (change?  slider?  forkball?) and it forces the catcher to stand all the way up to make sure it doesn’t go over everyone’s heads.  I mean, that’s kind of an extreme example.  He usually has trouble with his off-speed stuff.  He usually falls behind hitters.  But sometimes, you can tell he’s still somewhat in control, whereas last night, he had none.  Why not pull him when he’s loaded the bases with 1 out in a 1-run game in the bottom of the 9th?  At worst, you’re sending him a message that he can’t just get himself into jams all the time and expect to get the opportunity to try and get out of them.  At best, you can bring someone else in who actually WILL get you out of the jam without walking in the tying run.  Now, I know Aardsma got the groundball on the next hitter to bring the game to within 1 out of being over.  Nevertheless, he was lucky to leave the 9th inning with a tie ballgame.  LUCKY.  Next time, he certainly won’t be.  (of course, I’m making this argument knowing full well that our bullpen after Aardsma, League, and to a lesser extent Wright, is complete and utter jackshit.  Still, I get sick of Aardsma thinking he owns the 9th inning just because he’s had some success in the recent past.  Yeah, he’s capable of running together a few weeks of impressive baseball; but he’s also capable of epic meltdowns the likes of which have even Jose Mesa standing in awe)

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