A Paragraph With The Mariners – 118

Three people made the game last night.  Three people made Game 120 a winner for the Seattle Mariners (saying nothing of the people on the other team who helped us along the way by being so bad).  Brandon League, first of all, went 1.1 innings to notch his third save of the year (get used to that role, Brandon; PLEASE get used to that role) a day after he went 2 innings of shutout ball in helping to preserve a tie game that we ended up losing in extras.  Don’t look now, but League’s ERA is 2.89; this is usually where he goes back-to-back Pearl Harbor on us, giving up about 19 runs in 0.2 innings.  The 2nd player in this 4-0 gem last night was the other pitcher.  You know, the guy who started the game and went the other 7.2 innings:  Luke French.  I tell you, French has been red fucking rum on AAA hitters this year, and Baltimore is certainly no exception.  Since cracking the starting rotation, in four starts, every other one has been great (with the other being his 8-inning, 1-run powerhouse against the Royals).  Unfortunately, in the starts he’s not great, he’s gone 6 innings and given up 4 runs in both (against Oakland and Minnesota).  I like French because I like soft-tossing left handers with good control, but something tells me he’s always going to be this inconsistent in his performances.  Not good for my agita.  Finally, the third player – since amazing pitching can’t get it done alone, as this year’s team has proven time and time again in just about every Felix Hernandez outing, among many other starts by many other starters – is the oft-maligned, practically-out-the-door Matt Tuiasosopo.  He didn’t even know he was playing until 20 minutes before the game when Langerhans went down with a head(ache).  He played a position (left field) that is far from his position of expertise.  Oh, and he batted in all 4 of the runs.  The first on a double in the 5th (the only run given up by Kevin Millwood in 8 innings; he sucks this year, but hasn’t lost that touch against the Mariners), and the other three on a home run in the top of the 9th to give League all the cushion he could handle.  Quite the game from three people who’ve been ripped time and time again by me and others out there in Marinerland.  Here’s to all three having more just like this one.

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