Player Profile: Josh Wilson

Will we have a surprise Pro Bowler in cornerback Josh Wilson?

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Now look, I’m not here betting my damn farm on whether Josh Wilson is going to make the Pro Bowl or not.  The guy isn’t even officially the starting cornerback opposite Marcus Trufant yet for Christ’s sake!

But, I’ll tell you what, now is the time for crazy predictions, and here’s one for your eyes and ears:  Josh Wilson will be in the Pro Bowl at season’s end.  I just have a feeling about the guy, don’t ask me why.  I know for damned sure that Kelly Jennings won’t be the everyday starting corner once the regular season begins; I can tell you that much right now.

“Be that as it may,” you may be saying, “but how can you make that kind of outlandish statement when a guy – who’s only 5-foot-9, I might add – has only caught 6 interceptions in 3 years?”

Look, I didn’t say it was logical.  I didn’t say it was based on any empirical evidence.  But, shit man, lots of crazy stuff happens in an NFL season.  Teams go from Worst to First.  Players, from out of nowhere, go on to have career years.  And I’m telling you right now I think Josh Wilson is poised to have a career year!

Let’s break it down, though.  This is his 4th season.  If anyone is going to be anything in the NFL, it’s going to happen in his 4th year.  You’ve gone through the rookie growing pains, you’ve made strides in your next couple of years; now you’re a veteran.  You’ve pretty much seen it all.

And let’s not forget Wilson’s tools:  he’s fast, he’s a leaper, he’s got an eye for the football, and he’s got plenty of moves once he’s got his hands ON that football.  He’s hard-nosed, and he’s been doubted his entire life.  Factor in Trufant’s improved play on the other side, and you gotta figure other teams are going to challenge Wilson more.  With more challenges comes more opportunities to make plays.

Josh Wilson is going to be a key factor in our pass defense this year.  With Earl Thomas being a rookie, with Lawyer Milloy helping out on the run and vs. tight ends, Wilson is probably going to have to make some plays on his own.  He’s probably going to have to be in the right place at the right time when balls are tipped high in the air.  He’s probably going to have to return a couple of these INTs for TDs.

But hear me well!  Josh Wilson: Pro Bowl Cornerback.  Bank on it.

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