A Paragraph With The Mariners – 121

Here I am, waking up with a hangover, and the game’s already over.  Damn.  I just want to use this space to say WOW about Russell The Muscle for his home run in the first:  the longest, highest home run in the very short history of this new Yankee Stadium.  Between him, and Ichiro hitting 2 homers, and knocking Vazquez out after only 3+ innings, I can’t believe we fucking lost this game.  From the looks of things in the box score, Vargas got battered in the 1st, then dominated until the 7th where he was battered once again (with help from Wright, I’m sure, coming in from the bullpen with a walk and a hit given up).  Now that I have my wits about me … how about a win tomorrow, huh fellas?  Or maybe not starting the game at the buttcrack of dawn!  What’s that?  10am?  Jesus

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