A Paragraph With The Mariners – 123

Lost in the hullabaloo of weekend activities:  the Casey Kotchman errorless streak at first base ends on Saturday, at 274 consecutive games!  Stop the presses!  Alert the media!  A first baseman made an error!  Actually, that was a total bullshit error made by the score-keeper at Yankee stadium, which just goes to show you what petty dickwads the Yankees are.  Kotchman probably had a couple of meaningless RBI back when he played for the Red Sox that cost them a game in May, and that score-keeper knew of Kotchman’s affiliation with the Red Sox and decided to stick it to him now.  No one will convince me otherwise; that was a laser-shot practically hit right at him, with an impossible bounce.  Adrian Beltre with that gigantic glove couldn’t have stopped that ball!  Screw you Yankees!  I hope you lose to Texas in the first round of the playoffs!

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