Player Profile: Mike Williams

Will a feel-good story turn into a productive member of an NFL team, Mike Williams?

Back when he never met a rack of lamb he didn't like

It’s no secret that the Seahawks have been a revolving door of tryouts this offseason.  For the most part, we’re talking about real bottom-feeders just trying to be that 53rd man on a roster.  Some of the bigger names to get a look – Lunch Pail, Reggie Williams – were pretty obviously not what the team was looking for and summarily dismissed.  One of the reclamation projects, however, looks to be making a major impact, zeroing in on a starting job potentially.

Mike Williams – to this point in his career – has been the epitome of Bust.  Highly touted out of college, he was a monster for USC.  Over 2 seasons, he caught 176 balls for 2,579 yards and 30 touchdowns.  Along with his 6’5 size, that made NFL teams drool over him, with Detroit ultimately picking him 10th overall.

Then came the doughnuts and cheese-steak sandwiches and everything else piled with gravy.  Some say he weighed as much as 270 pounds.  Some say they mistook him for an offensive lineman.  SOME say, the man-beast could eat his weight in maple bars.  We may never know how such a creature made it onto a football field, but after the 2007 season he surely wasn’t allowed onto one again.

Until Pete Carroll got a job with the Seahawks, took one look at a guy who once again cared about physical fitness, and decided to take a shot.  It’s a good thing too, because he looks like he could become our most productive receiver.  It’s still early yet!  But, there’s nothing to dislike about a guy as big and strong as he is, with some speed and a whole lot of hunger (this time, for footballs).

In our best season, 2005, we had another 6’5 receiver who was strong with good hands.  His name was Joe Jurevicius and he caught a career-high 10 touchdowns in his lone season here.  That, I think, is what we can reasonably expect from a guy like Mike Williams.  He’s not going to catch more than 70 balls probably, but when he does catch them, they’re going to count.

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