A Paragraph With The Mariners – 124

Who doesn’t love a Double-Header?  Let’s play two! and so on and so forth.  And, if I’m not mistaken, today would indeed be our first double-header of the year.  Which would be AWESOME, especially since the first game was already scheduled to start at 10:35am (@ Boston).  But, looking at the weather report:  it doesn’t look good.  Weather.com is forecasting a 100% “chance of precip”.  Currently, three and a half hours before gametime, we’re looking at what’s called “heavy rain”.  There’s one buttfuck of a storm that’s just a giant Baby Huey sitting right over the eastern half of Massachusetts.  What does this mean?  Will it lighten up so the players can suffer through two fairly wet disasters?  Or, will we have BOTH games rained out?  That’s a nightmare scenario for a team in last place and going nowhere fast.  I’ve seen instances of games just being dropped, but that usually comes from both teams being out of it; and the Red Sox are not.  The only opportunity I can see (aside from tacking these games onto the games we play in Safeco vs. the Sox) is on September 20th when we have an off-Monday before a series in Toronto.  Yikes.  That would be 15 games in 14 days to close out a murderous season.  Let’s hope the weather gods shine kindly today.  Don’t forget what a pain it was to make up all those snowed-out Cleveland games a couple years ago.

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