A Paragraph With The Mariners – 125

Oh Felix you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Felix!  With his 9 strikeouts tonight, he has 1,002 for his career:  becoming the third youngest pitcher since 1952 to record 1,002 strikeouts.  Those previews for that movie Machete might be the only things in existence that are more awesome than Felix when he’s on.  His ERA went down to 2.47, and more importantly his record went up to 10-10.  Which is pathetic.  He should probably be something like 20-4 with the numbers he’s putting up this year; if it hasn’t been an anemic offense, it’s been a shakey bullpen.  At this point, we’re crossing our fingers that the Baseball Writers Association of America can see past the awesome wins totals of C.C. Sabathia or David Price, and quite frankly past the outrageous K/BB ratio of Cliff Lee (151/11, which is redonkulous), and notice that Felix – on a much better team – would be running away with this award like it’s the God damned Olympic flame.  10-10, Jesus Christ!

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