Seattle Storm: The Class Of Seattle Sports


So THIS is what a winning sports franchise looks like ...

No no, I’m not here to bash on the WNBA.  Obviously, the Storm have some hardcore fans and are playing some great basketball in a city still choking on the dust of their erstwhile NBA franchise who is off to bigger and better things in Oklahoma.  But, you know, it would be nice if a championship-calibre team who played in Seattle was actually one I opted to follow on a regular basis!

I’m not gonna lie to you, last night’s opening game of the first round of the playoffs was the first game I’ve seen all year by the Storm.  Over the last few weeks, I’d heard in the white noise that the Storm was doing something special this year, going undefeated at home, winning a ton of games overall.  Still, for whatever reason, it never resonated with me.

Sexism?  Perhaps.  Bitter jealousy because my team left and this is what remains?  Probably.  Look, anything you want to throw at me, right or wrong, it’s probably contributed to the reasons why I don’t follow the WNBA.  Surely it’s not for lack of having a winner, because I’m pretty sure the Storm have been good for a while now (and, had Lauren Jackson been healthy the last couple years, I hear the Storm would’ve been a force instead of first-round playoff losers).

I’ve gotta say, though, I enjoyed what I watched last night.  The Storm absolutely (wo)man-handled the L.A. … Sparks in Key Arena, never trailing in the bulk of the game that I watched, never really even looking all that challenged out there.  The Storm always had an answer, a long range jumper, a block in the paint, a rebound kicked out for a fast-break.  Granted, there wasn’t any dunking, but who gives a shit?  The Slam-Dunk contest is pretty much the most boring part of the NBA All Star Weekend anyway; are we really all that impressed by dunking anymore?

Look, I’m not gonna sit here and bandwagon my way into being a fan of the WNBA.  I’m just telling you that I watched a game last night and I was entertained.  I miss quality professional basketball.  And, even though it felt like I was in Bizarro World, the crowd’s chants of “Beat L-A!” brought back fabulous memories.

I can’t tell you if I’m gonna watch the next game in the best of three(?), but if I’m not doing anything else, and I happen to be flipping through the channels like I was last night, I could see myself sitting down and taking in a quality product.

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