A Paragraph With The Mariners – 126

I believe it was James Joyce who originally said, “It really gets my vagina all wet and sloppy to hear Jackie Z talking about relying on the talent of our youth for next season.”  This article is a good one to read, if you believe at all that there will be a Youth Movement for once.  It’s pretty appalling how far we’ve gone without actually going full-on Rebuild.  Christ fucking knows we’ve needed to!  But, it seems like every year, instead of trying to rely on an unknown quantity from our farm system, we instead turn to has-been fucking losers like Kotchman and Spiezio and Vidro and Wilkerson.  Now, I’m not saying that we turn ourselves into the Royals or Pirates or something and just field a AAA team in the majors.  Of course I know you want to mix in an appropriate amount of veterans to keep the ship running smoothly.  But going out and signing some douche for the minimum to come in and “compete” when you know full well the manager and organization will always side with the douche over the kid … it’s just rediculous!  I’ve said it before, somewhere, probably:  I’d rather watch a bad young team with promise vs. a bad old team you know will have to be blown up in the offseason.  Next year will certainly be no walk in the park.  Recordwise, we may be no better.  But, if we’re getting some seasoning on some of our prospects, it could make all the difference in actually turning this bitch around.

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