Player Profile: Deion Branch

Will we ever get a full, productive season out of Deion Branch?

Few & Far Between

I really have no reason to dislike Deion Branch as much as I do.  Has he been a disappointment?  Yeah.  Has it seemed like he’s been injured more than he’s been healthy?  Sure.  Did he warrant a first round draft pick in compensation?

Well, now that’s debatable.  We gave up the #24 pick in the 2007 draft, and if you focus on who Tim Ruskell drafted late in the first round like that, you could easily argue that he just would’ve frittered that pick away on some midget defensive player anyway.  Now, had we had a COMPETENT general manager, I’d say no:  Deion Branch was not worthy of a first round pick, of ANY kind.  He was a nice complementary player for New England during their Super Bowl runs, but the only reason he stood out at all was because the rest of the Patriots receivers were utter jack shit.

You know why I think Branch bugs me more than he should?  Because after every dropped pass I’ve ever seen out of him, he’s always walking back to the huddle smiling.  I’m not sitting here saying he doesn’t care; but fuck man, for ONCE just give me an emotion besides Hilarity when you fuck up a pass play!  Because I guarantee you, Seahawks fans do not think it’s funny.  At all.

Branch’s best year with us was his first year with us, when he played 14 games and caught 53 for 725.  Last year he played in the same number of games, with worse numbers (45 for 437).  I’m not willing to make a prediction on his output this year, because I don’t know if he’s going to fall down and break a hip or something.  Hope he has his Life Alert bracelet on.

Deion Branch isn’t without talent.  He’s one of many Not-Number-1 receivers on this team, with his skillset being speed (somewhat), hands (somewhat), and route-running.  Matt Hasselbeck seems to like him, so who knows?  Everyone seems to be waiting for the next Bobby Engram to emerge and some are willing to give Branch a shot at that role.  I just want us moving the chains; I don’t care WHO the fuck catches the balls.

CAN Deion Branch be good?  OK, sure, I’ll bite.  Would I take 53 catches for 725 yards and 4 touchdowns from him?  You’re damn skippy.  So long as those numbers don’t comprise the best by an individual Seahawk in 2010.  But WILL Deion Branch be good?  You’ll never get me to commit to a wager like that.  I’d rather just doubt the man and be pleasantly surprised later, than try and count on someone who’s done nothing but disappoint his last 4 seasons.

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