A Paragraph With The Mariners – 127

After another hum-drum loss at home to the Twins (on Ichiro Bobblehead Night?  The hell you say!), I turn to the least-exciting race in baseball:  the race to the Number 1 Pick in next year’s draft.  On June 17th, we were the 3rd-worst team in the majors, slightly ahead of Pittsburgh and 7 games ahead of Baltimore.  By July 12th, we were 5th-worst ahead of Cleveland, Baltimore, Arizona, and Pittsburgh (in some order).  And now, on August 28th, lo and behold we’re back to being 3rd-worst!  4.5 games up on Baltimore and whopping 7 games up on Pittsburgh (Arizona is only a half-game ahead of us, with Joe Saunders in the fold, so we better watch out; they’re comin’ for 3rd-worst!).  The best thing we have going for us is Baltimore’s hard-charge out of the cellar thanks to Buck Showalter really lighting a fire under those kids.  See, that’s the kind of late-season damage you can do when you field a team of youngsters!  Eventually – hopefully – they get it, it clicks, and you start seeing more positive results.  Pittsburgh will be a tough nut to crack though.  Either way, it’s pretty safe to say the Mariners won’t be signing any Type-A Free Agents this offseason.  No, there aren’t any Stephen Strasburgs out there; but then again the Phenom Himself recently acquired a taste for Tommy John and his miracle surgery.  So, I guess retroactive thanks are in order for Yuni and the gang beating up on the A’s at the end of 2008?  Ackley seems to be coming along nicely.

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