A Paragraph With The Mariners – 128

At this point, I basically have three goals for this team the rest of the way:  1. play the youngsters; 2. don’t get Felix injured; and 3. don’t embarrass the organization more than you’re already doing.  This is already a team that’s going down as one of (if not THE) worst-scoring offenses ever fielded in the Major Leagues, but we can’t do much of anything about that at this point (except, I guess, average 10-15 runs per game for the month of September).  What we CAN do, though, is not get no-hit by anyone, especially the likes of Nick Blackburn.  As it stands, I don’t think there was much of a threat today, but still:  he 2-hit us, over 8.2 innings.  Nick Blackburn is a guy who has an ERA over 6 in 20 games this year.  He’s got a career ERA over 4.5 in 92 games.  This is NOT a guy who should be no-hitting ANYONE.  Nick Blackburn is a guy most teams manage to score on, in fact.  Except the Mariners.  Christ.  Now you see why I was so happy when Josh Bard broke up Lackey’s no-hitter earlier this year.  We’re already going to be in the record books for futility; don’t go making it worse by letting D-bags experience the Greatest Moment Of Their Lives!

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