Storm Advance To Western Finals …

Like I said before, I don’t know much.  I’ve watched two games here this year and from what I can glean, Seattle is just better than L.A.  Plain and simple.  This game, in Los Angeles, started off a little rough, with the … (I really should be able to remember these team names by now) … Sparks taking an early 1st quarter lead.

But, all it took was a little defense, a little rebounding, a little Getting To The Line, and with a 27-16 2nd quarter, the throats of the Sparks were sufficiently stomped.

I also know that Lauren Jackson is GOOD.  Bigger than everyone on the court, able to handle her bid-ness on defense, will body for the tough boards, and hey, she can hit the long-range jumper.  8-18, 24 points, including 2-6 from 3.  Tack on 9 boards, 3 blocks and 3 more steals, my GOD, Lauren Jackson will you have my athletic baby?

Seems like everyone in the WNBA is sweeping their first round series’; it’s on to Phoenix for the finals.  I can safely say I’m almost excited.

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