The Preseason Seahawks Aren’t Quite Who We Preseason Thought They Were

So, Earl Thomas is fast.

Imagine This Guy In A Seahawks Uniform

He caught a tipped pass at the 14 yard line as – once again – the Vikings were moving the ball down the field in the 2nd quarter.  After weaving a little bit – including a nifty move to run all the way around a Seahawks blocker in his path – he sprinted about as fast as I’ve seen anyone sprint until showboating down near the goalline.  Breathtaking.

Those few seconds were, by far, the most enjoyable of the entire game tonight.  For some reason, once again the Seahawks had a hard time moving the ball, staying on the field, keeping their defense fresh.  In spite of all that, we still caught two of Favre’s balls and landed atop one of his fumbles.

It wasn’t until the 3rd quarter when Mike Williams caught one in stride down the middle of the field for 42 yards.  Not surprisingly, the drive ended in a field goal.  We were like a God damned invalid pissing on himself whenever we got inside the Vikings’ half of the field.  And, of course, we couldn’t run the ball to save our lives.  Averaging less than 3 yards on only 15 carries.

Next week, we should just run the ball on every single down.  Who cares?  It’s the fourth preseason game, on a Thursday, in Oakland at 7pm.  It’s about as pointless as it gets, and obviously our O-Line needs the practice!

Anyway, Hasselbeck looked solid, but unspectacular.  Whitehurst looked just a little bit worse (though had a nice bomb down the sideline to Golden Tate for 41 yards, and almost an identical completion the very next play, just a little overthrown).  In all, we completed 3 pass plays on the night over 40 yards, so that’s something.

Lofa was back, and the change in our defensive intensity was noticable.  Even if the Vikings seemingly moved the ball at will in the first half.  We still got those turnovers; Bend Don’t Break and all that.  Chris Clemons had our only 2 sacks, one of them where he legitimately beat the Left Tackle on an inside move (that seemed to at the very least make Favre’s throwing hand sore) and for once wasn’t a Coverage Sack.  I thought the secondary had a great game, but we were actually kinda soft in the middle of the field where the linebackers are supposed to roam.  Can’t like that.

Mansfield Wrotto’s major setback was a false start penalty.  That’s a win in my book, I don’t care what the score says.

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