A Paragraph With The Mariners – 129

As Ichiro’s batting average creeps closer to .300, there will be talk.  Will this be the year Ichiro DOESN’T get 200 hits?  He currently has 165 after today’s 130th game.  He’s got 32 more games left in the season and needs 35 hits.  Certainly, that’s not outside the realm of possibility for Ichiro, but this year I wonder.  You can point to his July where he only got 29 hits in batting .246, which is actually pretty bad when you think about it.  Especially for someone like Ichiro.  I for one am not ready for the streak to die, and I’m sure Ichiro’s feeling the same way.  Is the pressure getting to him?  Is there some undisclosed injury nagging away at him?  Are his skills finally starting to decline?  Aside from him being well on his way to having a career year for striking out, I don’t see much decline.  He’s still something like the 2nd most Intentionally Walked guy in the AL and really he’s the only guy TO be feared when there are runners on base.  Let’s hope September brings with it a hot streak.

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