Player Profile: Chris Clemons

Will the Seahawks sack leader for 2010 be none other than Chris Clemons?

This could literally be a picture of anyone

I’m putting the over/under right now at 6 sacks and taking the push; you all can fight over the rest.  6 sacks, as you well know, is not a lot of sacks.  It’s a pretty pedestrian season by any measure.  But, for Chris Clemons (who has been in the league since 2004), it would make for his 2nd-most productive season in that regard.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I didn’t know Clemons has been around for so long.  But, you know, maybe that’s a good thing.  Drafting for defensive ends just might be one of the toughest things you can do.  They’re almost like quarterbacks in that they’re one of the few positions on a football team that require a lot of seasoning.  Others – like running back, defensive tackle, linebacker, safety – you can generally step right in and make an immediate impact.  But, it seems like for defensive ends, to learn all the ins and outs, to refine your technique, to build up enough bulk to go along with that quickness, it takes a few years.  I’ve seen more guys blow up after their 5th or 6th years in the league at End than I have at any other position.

Will this be the year it clicks for Clemons?

Everyone’s going to make comparisons to Darryl Tapp – the player we traded to get Clemons.  Walking away from that trade, everyone pretty much thought we got the same exact player back in return.  That could very well be.  I understand that Tapp is currently running with the Eagles’ 3rd unit, while Clemons is a starter for the Seahawks.  Which makes sense.  Our line stinks, so it wouldn’t have surprised me if Tapp was a starter were he still here.

But, the thing is, we know what we had with Tapp.  We picked him up in the 2nd round, and he was yet another consummate Tim Ruskell Draft Pick.  Small, somewhat quick, and ultimately underachieving.  We don’t necessarily know what we have with Clemons.  He’s got 2 more years’ experience, which I like.  He’s bounced around the league (the Seahawks being his 4th team), which is ominous; but then again maybe he just hasn’t found the right fit.  Maybe he’s gotten the message and has rededicated himself to trying to be an impact End in the league.

And maybe I’m making excuses because I’m a huge homer.

What I do know – from reading stat sheets – is that in this preseason, Chris Clemons has had 3 sacks, 3 tackles for loss, and 3 quarterback hits in 3 games.  Taken with a grain of salt, the fact remains:  Chris Clemons is our starting Leo defensive end and he’s going to be our primary pass-rush threat on the D-line.  He’ll probably be the guy who leads us in sacks this year (unless Aaron Curry pulls his head out of his ass).  Now, if he’s leading us in sacks with 6, we have a BIG problem.  If he manages to double that, we might be okay.  I guess we’ll see.

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