A Paragraph With The Mariners – 130

David Pauley is a prototype for a Fringe Major Leaguer.  He does just well enough to every once in a while crack a rotation, but he does nothing so well that prevents him from bouncing around from team to team and from the bigs to AAA.  You don’t employ a David Pauley unless you’re hard-up for a long reliever, or if your team is just bad.  Let’s face it, if you haven’t made an impact by age 27, the odds are LONG that you’ll ever make one.  David Pauley’s best bet is to ride out whatever talent he’s got for as long as he can, then go sign a 5-year contract with a Japanese League team.  Last night’s game was the perfect example of a David Pauley: Fringe Major Leaguer type performance.  First, he goes out and puts up 0’s for the first five innings … but it’s not that impressive because he’s not exactly overpowering the other team (with his 1 strikeout).  Then, since things are going so well, and his pitch count isn’t too bad, they throw him out for the 6th.  Which is like spending a solid hour at the roulette table, building up a nice stack of chips, then putting all of your money on 18-red.  Your intentions were sound, but you’ll be damned if those Double-0’s didn’t come and bite you in the ass.  For David Pauley, Double-0’s = 3 home runs and 4 runs scored in his 6th and final inning.  It’s always a gamble riding a guy like David Pauley for too long.  No matter how well things are going, or how low the pitch count is, getting more than 5 good innings out of that guy is like swimming around with a shark while wearing chum-underpants.

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