Questionable Moves: Wilson & Hill

Well, so much for this post being relevant.

I’m officially keeping track of all Questionable Moves that these teams make while on my watch.  I’d say yesterday’s transactions were the 2nd/3rd questionable moves of the season right after giving away so much just to sign Charlie Whitehurst.  These are the moves we can look back on later and either say, “I told you so,” or “Shut my mouth!”

First, I guess the Leroy Hill thing isn’t really all that questionable when it sits on its own:  they decided to keep his talents in the Puget Sound by taking money away from his base salary and voiding all years after this season.  In essence, he forfeited about $4 million, but he’ll be a free agent next year, so financially it’ll probably work out for everyone.  And, this way, David Hawthorne can be our starting linebacker next year.

But, that immediately becomes questionable when in the context of:  Seahawks Trade Josh Wilson For 5th Round Pick.  In short:  why keep someone like Hill and give up someone like Wilson?

Well, I guess the main answer is:  we’re stacked at cornerback, we like Thurmond the rookie, and we don’t think he’ll make it to the Practice Squad.

But Wilson … he’s OBVIOUSLY the 2nd best corner on the team!  He’s got blazing speed, he’s a bit of a ball hawk, and he’s leaps and bounds better than Kelly Jennings, who’s like a twig that’s already snapped halfway in two.

My theory – the one that keeps me sane at night when I sit awake thinking about how we gave away a talented kick returner and cornerback for only a 5th rounder – is that the team was trying like gangbusters to trade away Kelly Jennings, but unfortunately, teams either didn’t want him or were only offering something like a 7th rounder.  Those same teams probably all came back and requested Josh Wilson, but nobody’s going to give up more than a 5th round pick for someone who’s 5’9 and has never made a Pro Bowl.

In essence, that 5th rounder is probably as good as we were going to get.  My question is:  would it have been better for the team to just keep Wilson on board?  I mean, who are we going to draft in the 5th round next year that’s going to be better than Josh Wilson is now and probably will be for the next few years?

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