A Paragraph With The Mariners – 134

It must be the beginning of September in a massive toothache of a season … gotta come up with SOMETHING to write about.  And, apparently that means investigating a AA reliever we got in the Cliff Lee deal and whether or not the Mariners knew they were getting a huge rape-bag beforehand.  Yeah, I get it.  He’s kind of a scumbag.  He (I don’t even know if “allegedly” is necessary but I’ll say it anyway) ALLEGEDLY date-raped some drunk chick and then pled No Contest to some kind of kidnapping that netted him 40-something days in jail.  Josh Lueke probably isn’t a guy I would ever want to hang around, but thankfully I’m nobody so the opportunity won’t ever come up.  Here’s the thing.  I know this is me being ignorant or stupid or an asshole or whatever … but I don’t give a shit.  I really don’t.  As a fan of a sports team, I don’t know shit about these players in their personal lives.  They could be as racist as Ty Cobb, as kill-crazy as Ted Bundy, or just an all-around prick like Ryan Leaf.  But, if that never gets made public, I’ll never know.  Ichiro could be secretly drowning kittens; Felix might burn orphans at the stake.  Assuming they did that, and I never heard about it, it would still make them horrible people … yet I’m a fan.  I don’t care that Josh Lueke date-rapes drunk girls on a regular basis or he was just mixed up in one bad judgment-filled night.  I care that he can help this organization by being one stud of a major league reliever.  I want to see him smoking high-90s fastballs in a Mariners uniform, therefore I don’t care what he does in his private life.

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