Questionable Moves: To Housh Or Not To Housh

Happy Days Are Here Again!

The youth movement continues!  By the way, this one seems to be a little less questionable than the Josh Wilson trade when you think about it, though it’s still tough to lose your most productive receiver.

Look.  You can’t kill the organization for playing it like it is:  they’re admiting that this is officially a Rebuilding Project.  Ergo, it’s more important to give younger players real game experience (as opposed to preseason experience) than it is to ride out veterans in what’s already going to be a lost cause regardless, just because they’re earning money the team doesn’t necessarily want to eat.

I think it’s refreshing to see a team willing to eat $7 million!  I’d much rather ditch the sunk cost – who’s just going to pout and bitch and rant and rave anyway – than have to suffer a losing season, on top of his pouting and bitching and ranting and raving!

For too long, under Tim Ruskell, the Seahawks tried to put a Band Aid over a sliced jugular.  Overpaying for veterans as a panic move due to previous seasons’ deficiencies.  Housh last year because of 2008’s apocalypse at wide receiver; Branch before that in a trade with New England.  Grant and Russell at safety due to the year prior’s problems with getting beat by the long ball.  Wistrom and Kerney for one decent season’s work to compensate for a lack of pass rush.  It’s about time we just trust our drafts, put the team in the hands of youth, and let’s find out what we have.

So many players have come and gone who could’ve made an impact, but were released in favor of older guys with experience.  It’s about time to give these young guys that very experience they’ll need to exceed.

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