Same Ol’ Shit: Huskies Can’t Get It Up On The Road

That was hard to watch.  Defense kept sucking dick, special teams were BRUTAL (aside from a 53 yard field goal before the half), and the offense didn’t know WHAT the fuck it was doing.  Conservative late when it should’ve been passing the ball; throwing deep when you only need a yard or two to convert; trying to rely on Jake running up the middle when this O-Line couldn’t block a rabid bunch of grandmas.

I guess all that frothing-at-the-mouth excitement leading up to this game – causing the 3-point Vegas odds for BYU to swing in our favor – really didn’t amount to a whole lot.

Sure is a disappointment, but a common thread dating back to last year’s team:  we can’t get it done in a close game on the road.  This was about as evenly matched a team as we’re going to see this year, and we flat out came out flat.

Of course, what’s more annoying is that they televised it on some bullshit CBS digital channel that nobody gets unless they want to pay up the ass for cable television.  So, not only did I have to suffer a grueling Husky loss, but I had to pay for the privilege at some bar in Tacoma.  Not saying I didn’t enjoy the 4 Stellas that I nursed; just sayin’ …

I remember somebody saying – probably during the hype-fest of the last week and a half – that the defense, in training camp, was giving the offense fits.  If that’s the case … our offense is going to SUCK BALLS the rest of this year.  Here’s to whoopin’ up on Syracuse next week.

P.S.  Can Chris Polk learn how to return a fucking kickoff before next week?  Thanks.

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