A Paragraph With The Mariners – 137

25 games to go.  With our 54-83 record, all we have to do is win 9 games.  9-16, that’s ALL we have to do to salvage a season that doesn’t include a 100-loss record.  Can we do it?  Well, losing 2 to the likes of Cleveland sure didn’t help, but let’s look at the schedule going forward.  Well, we have 15 games against teams with records over .500 (3 each vs. Boston, Toronto, and Tampa, 6 games against Texas).  That’s ugly.  Especially with Toronto and Tampa on the road, where those offenses will likely tee-off on our hapless pitching (and where, I’m afraid, Felix just might take a hit in his sparkling ERA).  It doesn’t get any better with the remaining 10 games, as they’re all against Anaheim and Oakland – two teams we haven’t exactly handled this year.  Oakland, even though they’re playing close to .500 ball thanks to this surge they’ve been on the last couple months, I feel like we could beat more than I do the Angels.  It’s not like the A’s are all that adept at hitting.  That 4-game series to close out the season vs. the A’s in Safeco might be the deal-breaker for us losing 99 games or less.

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