Jake Locker Heisman Watch: Week 1

Nobody is going to win or lose a Heisman Trophy in one game, especially the first game of the season.

Still, this loss to BYU was a huge setback.

Looking at just the stats for a moment, they’re not horrible by any means.  This was a road game, first game of the year, and not a cupcake opponent like many other Heisman Hopefuls got to face.  Here’s the bottom line:  20 for 37 (at least he’s better than 50%), 266 yards (not blowing anyone away, but an okay amount) 1 touchdown and 0 interceptions (low TD number, but just right for INTs).  He did have a rushing touchdown, but only 29 yards on 11 attempts, which is pretty bad.

If you want to look at the bright side:  he was pretty much responsible for (or had a hand in) all of our scoring.

On the downside:  we still lost.  AND we didn’t score all that much (including two bigtime goose eggs in the 3rd and 4th quarters).

What really hurt Locker yesterday was the fact that we lost.  We had the ball a number of times late in the game and couldn’t put up a touchdown when it mattered most.  This was a winnable game, and our best player couldn’t lead us over the hump.  Combine that with the fact that Heisman voters will most certainly be looking at Win/Loss records of the Heisman Hopefuls, and this is one that got away that could bite us in the long run.  For a team that probably needed to win 8 games for Jake to be taken seriously, this puts us at a massive disadvantage.

He’s going to need a huge performance against Syracuse.  I’m talking, like 5 touchdowns huge.

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