Questionable (and not so Questionable) Moves: Jones & Big Play Babs

UPDATE:  I hate ESPN-sanctioned Twitter rumors … Jones still on roster as of right now, 12:35pm Monday September 6th …

And, I guess Kevin Vickerson.  Thereby making that trade with Tennessee entirely pointless.

Ding Dong, The Jones Is Gone!  I hate Julius Jones, I never liked his signing, and I’m glad we’re rid of his worthless ass.  Replacing Shaun Alexander with the likes of him was one of Tim Ruskell’s DUMBEST fucking moves.  Christ, you’re almost always going to get better quickness and production out of a rookie – even a 7th rounder like Forsett – than you are some washed up loser.

Losing Big Play Babs is a little tougher to swallow, but he’s a victim of economics.  Making the money he was looking to make (I think over two mil) doesn’t make much sense given his backup status.  The thing you hate to see is that he’s so versatile – he can play corner and safety – and let’s face it, we’re GOING to have injuries which would push him into the starting lineup.  That’s just a fact, we ALWAYS have injuries.  It could be a very VERY long season if we lose multiple safeties or multiple corners … going young there – combined with our complete and utter lack of quarterback pressure – is going to make for some lopsided scores.

The rebuild continues.  These moves are the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly … losing Babs might just be MIGHTY ugly.

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