A Paragraph With The Mariners – 139

To catch up on some running storylines:  the streak of games where the Mariners offense sucks is broken at 10,000 with last night’s 7-run atomic bomb atop the A’s.  In fact, in one inning, the M’s scored a whopping FIVE runs … on zero extra-base hits.  On the plus side, Dallas Braden gave up 6 runs in 5 innings … he who pitched a perfect game this year … 6 runs to the Mariners.  Also, Ichiro’s on a 9-game hitting streak to up his hit-total to 181.  In 7 of those 9 games, Ichiro actually had 2 hits, so I guess all that worry was probably for nothing.  23 games to go; 19 hits to get.  AND finally, making a rare appearance in the Win Column, we have Mr. Douglas Fister.  He went 5 gutty innings, giving up 2 runs, and lowering his ERA to 3.84.  Now 5-11 on the season, this is only his 2nd win since mid-May.  I’m not going to blame this entirely on the offense, because he’s only had something like 6 quality starts in that span; but in those starts, he’s 1-3 with 2 no decisions.  If you thought Felix had a razor-thin margin of error … well, just know that extends to pretty much everyone else as well (and, as we know, Everyone Else is nowhere NEAR as talented as Felix).

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