In Other Words …

I feel I owe it to myself to make up for this post.  Good GOD what happened there?

Yeah, so Julius Jones is still a Seahawk.  He’s just a Seahawk making less money than he was supposed to (in exchange, he gets to remain an NFL football player against all rational judgment).

And … Big Play Babs is still a Seahawk!  Hooray!  He’s also a Seahawk making less money, but unlike some people, Babs could have actually gotten work elsewhere had he so desired. 

Vickerson is still not a Seahawk.  I guess that’s about right.  We replaced him with some cast-off from Dallas I think, so that’s pretty much a wash.  Anyone who thought Vickerson was going to be a difference-maker for this defensive line can just go straight to hell.

Craig Terrill is no longer a Seahawk.  That’s one I kinda saw coming early on in camp and frankly left me stunned that he wasn’t in the first round of major cuts.  Yeah, Charlie Hustle guys are nice, I guess, but I’d rather have players who are going to put up some stats as opposed to just take up space.  Everyone loves the Steve Schefflers of the world, but let’s win some football games first before we start scrounging around for feel-good stories.

The only other move that’s somewhat expected (though, at this point, with the 9,000 moves the Seahawks have made this offseason, who can expect anything?) is a potential release of Heather Sean Locklear.  Which could potentially save us a huge chunk of change while at the same time ridding us of one of my all-time loathed players.  This guy’s been riding the coattails of that 2005 offensive line since he was drafted!  He only looked good then because there were 4 other studs to his left picking up all the slack.  Now, he looks like what he is:  a crappy lineman.  The heir to Walter Jones’ throne, huh?  Yeah, how’d that work out for us last season?

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