A Paragraph With The Mariners – 140

If the trend holds for the remainder of the month, then it’ll be kinda interesting to look back on the calendar that was.  Every other month, the Mariners have been almost exactly .500.  April (11-12), June (14-13), August (13-14).  While every OTHER month has seen the Mariners tank it like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  May (8-19), July (6-22), September (3-5 and counting).  Now, mind you, the Mariners are going to have to do a LOT more losing to get anywhere near July’s ineptitude; but then again I’ve already gone over the schedule for the rest of the season.  It ain’t easy.  In brighter news, Ichiro got 2 more hits last night to run it to a 10-game hitting streak (17 more hits to go for 200).  AND, Russell the Muscle hit his 14th homer as a Mariner (24 for the season).  It’s interesting, Branyan has been more productive in 1 fewer game than he was in Cleveland earlier this year.  I’m wondering if he was saddled with multiple pinch-hit situations early in the season.  Regardless, the King of the Solo Homer is doing his thing.  Sad moment of the night:  watching the Mariners telecast, they were speaking with Dave Valle for a couple minutes and he said one of the things he liked was that the offense staked Luke French to a nice cushion early.  That cushion?  3 runs.  Egad!

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